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Authenticity test

Authenticity test

In 2010 Tamás Kieselbach, Gábor Einspach and Péter Molnos, art historians and forensic experts decided to establish the First Hungarian Painting Expert’s Office whose main objective is to promote the prestige of Hungarian painting.

The joint undertaking has been highly successful and it has contributed to verifying the originality of several works of art (mainly paintings). Kieselbach Gallery is proud to be involved in this venture which is backed up by the most significant fine art databases. The painting expert’s office has its own website, the Head of Office is Gábor Einspach. The office issues legally acknowledged expert opinions, authenticity of which is approved by the College of Legal Advisors working in the background and certified by a public notary.

Looking for items for auction

For its auctions Kieselbach Gallery constantly looks for paintings which are outstanding representatives of Hungarian painting. You can submit paintings for auctions continuously. On our website you can find updated information on the dates of our upcoming auctions and the deadline to submit lots. On the basis of the art databases and paintings you can get an idea of whose paintings we are looking for and of what kind, and which ones might be successfully auctioned. You can submit your works of art for an auction at the address below.


If it is necessary, we have state-of-the-art techniques at our disposal for technical tests. We are in a position to perform by today’s standards ordinary ultra-violet examinations, multi spectrum photography, electron-microscope tests, digital X-raying and a wide range of tests without damaging the material.


In 2008 Raiffeisen Bank, one of our strategic partners set up a storage facility as their new service at that time, not only complying with the highest bank safety requirements, but providing circumstances of the highest museum standards for the works of art deposited. The storage facility is large enough to keep paintings, other works of art, jewellery, as well as further precious metal objects for the purpose of storage rental. If there is demand, we can store paintings and other works of art of particularly high value during the judgement process.


We are committed to have Hungarian painting recognized and to detect forgeries which emerge in ever increasing number in art market, both in Hungary and abroad. Besides, it is important for us to assist collectors and investors in making well-informed decisions on the values of paintings, to update them on current state of the art market and on developments in value. Accordingly, our Office provides verbal information, updating and advising free of charge. The cost of a written judgement is in the price range from HUF 50 000 to HUF 100 000. Costs can be higher if there is a need for a test to be performed in a laboratory using a special equipment. You will always be informed on the price of the necessary test in advance. We process art collections and bequests at a discount price. We will not enter into a contract with any of our clients if it is obvious in advance that identifying the artist does not considerably increase the value of the painting.


We can offer discounts on our services to art dealers. In assessing art collections and bequests we give individual quotes. Depending on the number of items processed, we can offer considerable discounts.

Legal backup

The Company’s policy on data protection and data handling are defined in its Rules, which the Company recognises as legally binding.

While formulating the Rules, the Company especially considered the following laws:

Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and public access to data of public interest, Act CXIX of 1995. on the use of name and address information serving the purposes of research and direct marketing, Act VI of 1998 on the processing of data of identifiable living people, based upon the Strasbourg Agreement of 28 January, 1981, Act XLVIII of 2008 on the basic requirements and certain restrictions of commercial. advertising activities, as well as the recommendations of the Online Privacy Alliance.

The Rules are set to ensure all individuals concerned, regardless of their nationalities or residences, that their basic rights, especially the ones concerning individual privacy are granted during processing their individual data. (Data protection).