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Conditions of Sale

1. The Kieselbach Gallery Trading Co., Ltd. (1055 Budapest, Szent István krt. 5) - hereinafter. Auction House - pre-announced date and venue listed in this catalog, auction items - hereinafter referred to as auction items - owners or sale holders - hereinafter: vendor - on instructions organizes and conducts auctions. The Auction House auction on behalf of the vendor as a sales representative organizes, arranges and conducts.

2. The auction house catalog of the auction items, which can be viewed for inspection prior to the auction. The catalog descriptions and illustrations are only for identification and, the bidder must - assess the condition of each lot and that they comply with the description of the catalog - prior to the auction. The auction house Auction catalogs are available for the duration of the exhibition venue of the exhibition, and for the duration of the auction venue of the auction. The auction house reserves the right to use certain lots listed in the catalog for auction aside the release.

3. Bidding is only - bidding paddle - before the start of the auction registered by name, address and telephone number. Customers dial the receipt of such behavior express pointing to the Auction Terms accept as binding upon them.

4. The auction will be held at the Anglo-Saxon estimated price, according Systems. The head of the auction order items in the auction of the catalog, a short oral description and the reserve price announced - which should not be higher than the lower estimate - the buyers to bid in the numbered bidding paddles. If the reserve price offer is received, the auctioneer raises the price according to the bidding grades as long as they remain only and does not come knocking up the sale and purchase of a bidder. So buying the right item at the hammer will score the buyer, who makes the highest bid is valid unless it is protected for the subject of the 2001 LXIV. Right to buy the Act, in the Hungarian state enforces. The lots may be purchased below the reserve price set.

5. There shall be no collusion or undertaking which seeks to third parties, the purchase price is significantly above the market price for the supply of inducing or such damage or loss.

6. The first bid the reserve price, plus any additional amount bid means a bid for the last bid.

7. If the buyer can not be identified for some reason, the auction lot will be resumed during the auction. However, the buyers of Unsold items may újraárverezését at the end of the auction.

8. The buyer then obtains possession of the item when the full purchase price paid and the item in the Auction House.

9. The amount of the purchase price of the hammer price, the brokerage fee and the combined amount of the fee is made ​​up of followers.

10. The buyer or the full purchase price or at least 20 percent as a deposit immediately after the auction be paid in cash or by credit card.

11. The Auction House allows to pay the amount over the deposit from the Auction House headquarters within 7 days of the auction date, the 1055 Budapest Szent István krt. No. 5. under. In this case, the buyer can take the object only if the full purchase price within 7 days of the auction. The purchase price of the booking amount - included Upon completion of the payment due.

12. If the specified deadline, the customer does not collect the item occurs, the Auction House reserves the right to offer the buyer null and void and keep the deposit.

13. The buyer shall pay the amount of which is normally 23 percent of the hammer price.

14. Following the settlement of the purchase price to the customer is obliged to take care of transporting items purchased at their own expense and risk. Failing this, the auction house is not liable for any loss or damage, or any loss, and 20 days after the auction is a monthly storage fee of 5% of the purchase price on the date. If the buyer after the auction fails to deliver the goods within 6 months, the Auction House - after a reminder - free and may, after deducting the costs of the remaining amount for the buyer as a deposit.

15. The auction catalog items as "protected" or "NO EXPORT" on Hungary for may not be exported / 2001. LXIV. Tv. § 59 subsection (1). b. /point/. The owner of a marked "protected" in the Cultural Heritage Protection Office shall register the change of ownership is subject to the notification LXIV. Tv. /. 2001 § 52 (3) bek./ If the object of the buyer to export the Auction House the cost of an export license - export costs - continued to be billed after the export permit completion of the auction, buyers Bidder must provide a transporting items purchased at their own expense and responsibility of cultural goods abroad entail the 2001 LXIV TV provides cultural goods may only..... . may be carried out as specified in this law of the country are kindly requested to export their intention to notify us in advance of payment.

16. If the buyer does not wish to participate in the auction, instead of the auction house, according to its specific orders to buy - make - according to the mandate the purchase offer. purchase orders are accepted during the exhibition. Please purchase orders submitted to 24 hours prior to the auction, or send a fax 00-36-1-269-2219 kindly.

17. The acceptance of orders to buy 20% deposit payment is required, which is refunded if unsuccessful bidding. If the assignment is to be considered successful, the total amount as a deposit, in other respects the rules concerning the personally attending buyer are applicable. If the same item with a higher amount of orders, or the buyers make a higher bid for the absentee bidder after the auction, the deposit refunded without any deductions. It is possible to bid over the telephone. In this case, the necessary bank guarantee. Telephone bids in case, if the recipient is not available for any reason, the order is regarded as a purchase intention of starting price. The telecommunication problems may arise we assume no liability. In case of equal amount of purchase orders to receiving orders from the advance.

18. If the buyer a deposit or the amount of the purchase price is offset by bank transfer, the SWIFT: UBRTHUHB led Raiffeisen Bank Rt (1054 Academy 6 u.) 12001008-00214850-00100003 no. / HU05120010080021485000100003 IBAN / bank account to be transferred. Please avoid problems resulting from a possible reference to foreign exchange rate differences in order to specify the amount of the purchase price of HUF.

19. The purchase price is based on the buyers bidding, so the purchase price of the auction house is not responsible for and can not be obliged to offer the items at the same price at a later auction forgive.

20. In the event that the client has and the contractor same person, the purchase contract is not established, the deposit is returned, but the bidder's premium required to set out above, the Auction House to pay.

21. The auction without any warranty any damage occuring in the state are sold, the time of the auction.

22. The Auction House shall assume the authenticity of all auction item warranties. After the knockdown objection or contestation has no place unless the object is false - the catalog is shown on the original. In this case, within three months from the buyer in writing the object to the origin or authenticity of the first suspicion, but no later than within five years from the date of the auction.

23. The Auction House shall agree to the felszólamlótól the items sold will take back the hammer price and the amount of the auction agency fee within 5 years of the purchase contract provided an independent expert credibly states that are not original.

24. Indicated in the catalog Euro rates only for information purposes in the catalog. The settlement is always based on the date of the actual payment of currency exchange rates.

25. These Terms and Conditions centers on issues not regulated by the Civil Code. articles of the case shall be governed disputes, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Municipal Court.