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Our Colleagues

Ferenc Máthé

painting appraiser, manager of the Gallery

Ferenc Máthé has been working in the trade of art since the beginning of the 1990’s, graduated as a painting appraiser in 1995. His expertise is based on the live connection with artworks, the experience he gained during the last nearly twenty years: he’s had opportunity to examine more than twenty thousand artworks.

Area of responsibility: managing new paintings before auctions and exhibitions, valuation, expert advice on restoration and framing, participation in the auction collection.

Erika Orlik

Customer Relations

Erika Orlik has been working in the Hungarian trade of art since 1993, graduated as a painting appraiser in the 1990’s.

Area of responsibility: greeting visitors, clients, guests, costumer relations, management of books published by the gallery, administration of recieving artworks, administration related to foreign customers (management of export licences), preparation and register of artworks list.