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Free painting­ valuation

You have the opportunity for a free valuation in our art gallery. The experts of our gallery provides you with a free valuation for all paintings, graphic works, statues and any other artworks that you present us. You can send images by email, upload the digital photo onto our web surface and our colleagues will answer you within a short time period. We observe the artworks in our gallery personally, following scheduling of a personal meeting.

Please fill in our form, send us a photo of your artworks, let us know about the size of the painting and about all other details you may be aware of (Number of Hungarian National Gallery's expertise, list of exhibitions and reproductions, etc.), which would increase the value of the artwork. If you would rather not fill in our form, please contact us at the email address! Our experts will make sure to answer your queries within 15 business days.
You also ha the possibility to present us your paintings personally. Please contact us to schedule an apointment beforehand.

The maxium size of the photos cannot exceed 20 MB, and the maximum number of photos you can upload is 4
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We are looking for

We are looking for artworks to our future auctions

The Kieselbach Gallery has been a significant participant of the Hungarian art auction market for nearly twenty years.

For our auctions we are looking for outstanding artworks of modern Hungarian painting, but our art gallery regularly sells Old Masters, significant works from the 19th century, contemporary and historical photos and graphic works as well.

We are looking for artworks by featured Hungarian painters

Our art gallery purchases the outstanding valuable pieces of the 19th and 20th century Hungarian painting immediately, paying by cash. Please request our free valuation!

We permanently purchase art heritages, even a whole studio with furniture, graphic works in portfolios, large sized paintings, damaged works of art which are in need of restoration, with free observation on the spot, with giving a price proposal. Our forensic experts assist you with valuating complete heritages, preparing expert opinions.

In our database

The goal of our art gallery is to present the most comprehensive overview possible about the Hungarian visual arts of the 19th and the 20th century.

Please contact us on the above email address if you know a work of ark, an art collection or photos related to them by any prominent Hungarian artist which have never have been exhibited (or they were only shown very long ago), have never been reproduced in a catalogue and thus are yet unknown to the professionals and the audience. We would also be happy to publish documents, catalogues, old journal articles which represent an oeuvre or an era.

If you possess good quality photos which you would provide us with, we would be happy to publish them on our website in an edited, elaborated way.

Wanted! We are looking for specific pictures.

The history of Hungarian art is full of hiatuses and blank spots.

The goal of the Kieselbach Gallery is to fill in these hiatuses and to learn, understand and present the era in visual art that influenced our present time in the strongest way. We know numerous of the outstanding works of the 19th and 20th century Hungarian art only from back and white reproductions, their re-appearance is still to happen, many of them are uncertain to exist at all.

We have published several times photos of paintings which had been reproduced in old journals and publications and in authentic conditions. First we showed a selection of the lost paintings by the painters' group The Eight". This selection was compiled as part of the preparation before the exhibitions in Pécs and Budapest. We are looking for these exactly identified paintings not only for the sake of art historic research but also with the purpose of commercial sale.