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Our goals and missions

We do intend to transform Hungarian art into an integral part of everyday life. We do believe in its strength and power and do hope that it will achieve success worldwide.

It is also our belief that it is now already capable to improve both the life of the individual and cooperation within the community.

My Personal Commitment

It is for thirty-three years that I have been observing Hungarian painting. The more time elapses, the more I have the perception that Hungarian art is inappropriately classified, which means that the recognition it receives is incommensurate with the merits that it earns both within and outside Hungary. Since I commenced collecting and dealing in works of art, I have regarded the objects of my observation as fragments of an unknown and untold reality like a novel. I also regard those objects as if they were words, sentences and short paragraphs in a voluminous book with the entirety of the text, by contrast, being unfamiliar to me. I wish that the whole of the novel’s plot would unfold to me and that I would promote this act of unfolding and that all people would take part in this process.

Over the past decades, I have usually felt it imperative to actively contribute, with other people, to rendering Hungarian art familiar to the public both domestically and internationally. Likewise for so many years, I have often encountered experiences in which I have had the perception that my enthusiasm has not been shared by others. Over my conversations with a whole host of art historians and my colleagues working in state-owned collections of art and in state administration, all this time I have realised the fact that those individuals’ treatment of Hungarian art has been unlike mine. It is with passion that I experience a fact so obvious to me, which in no circumstances proves to be evident to others, and which is that we must accord a veritable treasure which has been preordained to achieve success, the standing that it deserves. It was this very experience that, close upon two decades ago, caused me to realize that I had been given a personalised mission and vocation, which are discovering and presenting the values of Hungarian painting. Among other things, it is this very purpose that the Gallery answers with number of its auctions having thus far taken place, exceeding forty. In addition, it is with a view to reaching the above objective that we have made our books appear in print, that we have lent our support to the publication of most of the domestically produced written works on art, as well as to the staging and holding of a whole range of exhibitions in Hungary and beyond, that we have set up an office for judging works of art and that we proceed with our business of establishing online art trade and a magazine linked to our new website. I have the feeling that there is a need for these forums and for the various ways of reaching the public so that we shall be able to demonstrate what both we, as professionals, and the general public can be excited about.

Both my colleagues and I adore what we do. It is every single day that we encounter works of art, which amaze and dazzle us. It is also on an everyday basis that we make new discoveries. It is these experiences that are worth working towards, and it is the pleasure stemming from these experiences that we intend to impart to all who visit our exhibitions and our website and who read our books.