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The gallery staff is always at your disposal that choise act upon the current range of business and will also try to assist you to seek out and to supply you are looking creations.


Online works for immediate purchase

Our website is a new feature in the window that appears on the main page current gallery - accessible online and our range will be displayed. We hope that this new data is almost the size of supply convinces you that you should watch the items shown here. The works of art selected megvásárlásról our site and to read the conditions of this can be found under the links there.

General terms and conditions

Sale: Kieselbach Gallery Ltd. (1055 Budapest, Szent István krt 5, CG 01-09-688492, tax number.. 12483282-2-41)

The first contract between parties for the purchase of art will be created over the internet.

2. Seller shall within 48 hours of receiving the order confirmation sent to the Internet. If the acknowledgment is not received within 48 hours of receiving the offer boundness is released, the contract is not required to be concluded.

3. If the same work of art Seller received several bids, the earliest received an offer sent to the constituents of the sale confirmation and the contract concluded by him. If the contract is not established, the other bidder for giving priority to convene a separate e-mail to the attention of the art re-buy possibility.

4. Offer and confirmation shall constitute a written contract under the terms and conditions. The contract is concluded under the condition that the purchase price paid to happen. Consolidated non-contract made between the parties. Sale contracts are not eliminated. If the customer requires a special offer when you send may indicate that asks for a consolidated contract. The written contract can be picked up with the art objects purchased by the buyer.

5. The buyer transfers the purchase price or paid in cash at delivery over the Internet.

6. Sale of Works of Art to receive only 1055 Budapest, Szent István krt. gallery below number 5 can take place.

7. Buyer shall, within a matter of confirmation of receipt shown to 8 days in the Gallery of the pieces of art (and pay) to take over. If within this period of time that it does not occur after 15 days following such confirmation Gallery is entitled to the contract unilaterally withdraw from the artifact to sell other parts and to pay the purchase price has been received from customer after deduction of bank charges for refund it.

8. Buyer is entitled to the artifact be returned within 3 days of the Seller and to rescind the contract. Seller shall refund the purchase price.

9. Seller warrants issued for the availability of all the properties of the structures online, published on the physical condition.

10 sales contracts between the parties, the Hungarian legislation, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, purchase, or CVIII 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services. TV. The provisions will apply.


Our gallery organizes an annual, multi-auction offering the opportunity to purchase their auction between frames. The auction conditions of purchase information appears in the auction catalog exhibition.

The Kieselbach Gallery dominant player in the auction market in Hungary for 17 years. Our auction bidding was the highest hammer price and the history of Hungarian art trade, Kosztka Tivadar Csontváry's painting sold for 230 million forints price. The hammer has been subject to more than 12 000 items of Hungarian painting showed a significant cross section of life in his works.

Private Sale

As a result of the economic crisis that started in September 2008, the world of art dealing is completely transformed. The traditional division of the market, namely the operation of the auction and gallery in the world based on entirely different rules over. The process under which Christie's and Sotheby's, the world's largest auction houses in the peaceful settlement of the auction were admitted to the classic gallery activities to almost. The Kieselbach Gallery from 2009 to organize the supply of the best, most valuable exhibits his pictures eladásos on which images of museum-ranking sold their quality adequate price.


Extremely valuable paintings convey to our clients in addition to commissions based on individual agreements. We engage with major private and institutional collectors, investors. This service is based on the needs of collecting accurate mapping.