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László Cseri Szigetvár, 21.11.1948.

Photojournalist, photographer, journalist.

1967: He graduated from Pollack Mihály Construction Technique.

1967-1977: He works as an architect editor at various design companies in Baranya.

Since 1973: He has been photographing. He started taking pictures under the influence of some Diana Arbus images.

He is a member of the Mecsek Photo Club, and in 1977 he was one of the founders of the Focus Group.

Since 1981: Member of the Hungarian Association of Photographers. Until 1980: He made almost exclusively black-and-white socio-photos, series at the Gypsy settlements in Ormani and Salgótarján, in Social Homes and in Educational Homes. Since then, he has created a new montage technique, his images moving across the boundaries of fine art and photography. We can see figures in his best images, that are in unnatural positives, often in horseshoe-shaped, and that are getting closer to the abstraction. He is one of the innovators of the photographic form language in the Contemporary Photography. In the recent period, he only takes digitally modified photos. For six years he was the artistic director of the Mecsek Club of Photographs, he taught photo-aesthetics and photo history at the Art High School (1985).

1977-1987: He worked as a photojournalist at the Transdanubian Diary in Pécs, as weekly photo editor at the Helyzet weekly newspaper (1989). He made photo reports about the Demolition of the Berlin Wall, the Mass extermination on the Wenceslas Square in Prague, the Transfer of GDRs on the Hungarian-Austrian border.

1991: He was the deputy editor-in-chief of Pécsi Tér.

From 1992: He was a journalist at the Transdanubian Diary, first as a cultural journalist and then increasingly as a domestic political fact-finding journalist. At this time he hasn't been making photographs for 10 years because he thought writing was more suitable for passing his thoughts. Since 2004 he has been making photographs again.

He is one of the founders and regular author of Echo critical page. He has won awards for many Hungarian and European competitions and his works can be found in the collection of the New York Photography Center.



Winner of several domestic and foreign competitions. Lajos Magyar Prize in 1980, Grand Prix of the 16th Szeged Salon of Photographic Clubs, Excellence Award of Ministry 1988


Szeged, 1981, Salon of Zagreb 1981 (Collection Award), Turin Photo Biennial 1982. (Grand Prix), Family Album, Crease, Exodus. Pécs, 1987, the same is Prague, Zilina (Czechoslovakia), 1988. Legalul ’73-93. Pécs, 1993, Crease. Megyer Lutheran Church Budapest, 2014.


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