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Ivan Vydareny 1982, 1887 - Verbó, Budapest

In 1907 he graduated from the Evangelical Lyceum in Bratislava and then graduated as an Architect at the Budapest University of Technology. His father taught him to photography and at age 10 he made his first photograph. In World War I. he designed and built wireframe lines on the Italian front, and he made friends with László Mednyánszky, who lived in a barracks for months.

He made photographs, pencils and watercolors on the front (which do not leave their photographs in their qualifications), which depict the horrors of the fighting and the beauty of the snow capped Dinaric alps. In 1910 he became a member of MAOSZ; from 1912 he was a member of the committee; from 1927 he was a honorary member; in 1942 he was elected vice-president. From his practical lectures and books, he learned many amateurs and he published a number of articles (about 120). He also contributed to the creation of Wessely's soft design lens. He has dealt with all noble processes at a high level, from which he wrote a book under the Press Handbook title.

In 1921 he was one of the founders of the Art of Photography and between 1921-27 he became it’s co-editor; in 1928-30 he was the editor-in-chief.From the 10th century until his death, he painted artistic watercolor and oil paintings, which acquired the sophisticated technique from his professor, Lajos Rauscher, painter.From 1937, he also dealt with fine filming. He was one of the most important Hungarian photojournalists of his age.

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