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Charles Chochol Budapest, 27. January 1935.

Photojournalist, original profession Optician.


From 1953: He studied optics and photography at Práter Street, he worked as a sinewy in his brother's optical shop. He studied photography at Frederick Haller, Kálmán Szöllősy, Gyula Ramhab, Ernő Vadas, and János Sztály in the Budapest Photo Club.

From 1958: He is a member of the Hungarian Association of Photographers and from 1976 he is a member of the Art Foundation (and his successors).

Since 1986: He has been a member of the Board of the Association. Member of the Találkozások-Group. Specialist in photojournalism at the MÚOSZ Journalist School.

Until he retired, he was a photojournalist of the TV-News, but he also made applied photos and advertising photos. He has been running a family optician shop in Budapest since his retirement. He also pursued photographic history. His private collection is significant.

In addition to his landscapes, portraits, genres and cityscapes, his ironic images of contemporary photographers deserve attention.

Organizer and curator of several exhibitions (Tény-kép, Műcsarnok, 1980; Hungarians in the history of photography, Műcsarnok, 1989; Balogh Rudolf Memorial Exhibition, Műcsarnok, 1989).



AFIAP 1969, for Socialist Culture 1981, Silver Javelin Award, Aladár Székely Prize, 1st Prize of the International Audiovisual Festival, Goldpen, MUOSZ 2005. In 2010, the Hungarian Photographers' Association awarded him a Lifetime Award. In 2015 Hungarian Gold Cross of Merit Civil Division Award.


Individual exhibitions:

Faces, József Attila Theater, Angyalföldi Culture House, Bp.

1966, Independent Exhibition of Our Churches at MTV Headquarters Bp., 1989, China, from the Great Wall to Shanghai, Béla Kondor Community House, Budapest, 2000, “On the way from the Great Plain to England, Béla Kondor Community House, Budapest 2001, This is how you photograph- style parody in the Danube Gallery 2009, On the way ... Angyalföld - Újlipótváros Club Gallery, On the road .. Budapest, Gaál Imre Gallery, On the way ... Danube bank Budapest, Graphisoft Park, 2010 .: Never seen pictures Budapest, Béla Kondor Community House, 2011, People's Uprising 1956. Budapest, Eötvös10 Community and Cultural Space, 2016


His books:

Co-author and illustrator of over fifty books. Rapid technology. Műszaki Publisher Bp. 1971, Chochol-Sevcsik: Photographic tricks, recording catches. Műszaki Publisher Bp. 1971. My recalled memories (exhibition catalog, author's publication) Budapest Gallery 2015.

Ildikó D.Udvardy: Charles Chochol Hungart, Bp. 2017



Hungarian and the International Who is who 1992. p.161. Sándor Bacskai: My expectation is that the picture should not only be true but also be beautiful. Conversation with Charles Chochol. Art Photography, 2011. No. 3.

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