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Balogh, Rudolf Budapest, 1879 - 1944, Budapest

Golden-wise photographer, one of the creators and the most prominent representative of the photographic trend known as the Hungarian style. The pioneer, form-creating personality of Hungarian photography. The small events captured in his pictures, everyday places radiate a cheerful vision of life. Classical editing also exudes harmony, a constant striving for visual equilibrium. He photographed the characteristics of the Hungarian village, the Hungarian landscape, and it was precisely apropos of the official cultural policy guided by Trianon. His pictures were mainly published in the Pesti Napló Image Attachment, tourist publications, foreign magazines. From 1902 as a studio photographer, he became a photojournalist for Sunday Newspaper, and as such, he is one of the first. In the First World War, he made more than ten thousand photos of battlefields. Many of his war pictures came to the military museums in Berlin and Vienna, but more than 2,000 large 10x15, 13x18 cm glass negatives are in the Hungarian Museum of Photography. In June 1914 he published a journal called Photography. From 1920, he was a photojournalist for the Pesti Napló. After 1991 he was named the most prestigious professional award of Hungarian photography.


His Books:Károly Kolyes-Kolta Magdolna: Father of All Photographers: Rudolf Balogh Museum of Hungarian Photography, 1997.

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