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As if inspired by the vibrant colours of spring, Tamás Kieselbach, art historian and owner of the Kieselbach Gallery and Auction House has just published the most gorgeous coffee table album, or rather two albums. The gigantic tome "Modern Hungarian Painting 1892-1919" is the first of two independently standing volumes, the second being "Modern Hungarian Painting 1919-1964".

Together, these magnificent collections of art examine the painting of the last hundred years on a scale never attempted before. Kieselbach and his expert team have selected and photographed the entire works in 61 museums, detailed 146 private collections and sought our Hungarian works in public collections abroad. Out of the original 70,000 paintings, they chose the 2,000 works of art which appear in these two volumes.

"Modern Hungarian Painting 1892-1919" has been published in English and more than 600 pages feature works of sublime beauty. It would make a fabulous present for anybody interested in art. The album is filled with colour, with selections from artists such as the lovely pastoral scenes by Károly Ferenczy, the haunting landscapes of László Mednyánszky, Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka's riots of colour, as well as painters from the artists' colonies in Nagybánya and Szentendre.

Lucy Mallows

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