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On the Ruins of the Golden Ages, volume

Studies of Péter Molnos about the History of Hungarian Art Collections

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53rd Automn Auction

17th of October, 2016 6 p.m. Hotel Marriott

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Free valuation

Kieselbach Tamás art historian, expert in painting is looking forward to your enquiries and offers with his professional practice of 30 years.

From the period before 1800 to the contemporary. We purchase your artworks for sale - even if in bad condition - after free valuation.

Free valuation

Our publications

Modern Hungarian Painting 1919-1964

The present collection is the second volume of the comprehensive work, which is a presentation of a century of Hungarian painting. The first volume, Modern Hungarian Painting 1892-1919 - published last year - was awarded the 'Beautiful Hungarian Book of 2003' prize.


Lugosi Lugo László képei a teljes enyészet utolsó pillanatában rögzítik a jelenben a múltat.

Bátor Tál

Egészséges táplálkozás "Bátorok" számára

Hungarian Art 1900-1950

Béla Radnai's art collection is one of the most significant hungarian private collections that were formed in between the two world wars and the only one which remained in being as a unity in its nearly original richness and is on display in a permanent exhibition.

Modern Hungarian Painting 1892-1919

The present comprehensive work in two volumes standing independently (Volume I. 1892 - 1919; Volume II. 1919 - 1964) is a presentation of a century of Hungarian painting - rejecting all compromise. It is no exaggeration to say the painting of the last one hundred years has never been examined on this scale before.

Passion and Knowledge

Rudolf Bedő's Art Collection


Időről időre: 1985

Bodor Ferenc és Lugosi Lugo László fotósorozata az Iparművészeti Főiskolán.

Years of Euphoria 1988-1990

The Kieselbach Gallery always paid attention to show expansively the 20th century Hungarian history, now we proudly present the third book from this section.


On the Ruins of the Golden Ages

Collected Studies of Péter Molnos about the History of Hungarian Art Collection


Together for Hungarian Art

We are working to recollect the most comprehensive database of Hungarian Art. Please help us to research the most important artists and their oeuvres of Hungarian Painting.

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